Benefit through efficiency

In order to keep costs as low as possible, during the design phase we have implemented improvements in efficiency across many levels, compared to conventional mobile bridges. Result: minimal use of materials and manpower per bridge unit (one truck and one crane, requiring only two crew members). Besides, the complete modular system (including all its possible configurations) was certified as a ‘group’, eliminating the need to recalculate all kinds of things time and again during installation. And, finally: our logistic preparatory costs are close to zero, as the bridge is stored as a complete unit: we just need to hook it up and we are on our way!

A thorough start

We begin by charting the environmental factors during a location visit. This provides us with a clear understanding of the location’s possibilities. A foundation report was drawn up for EventBridge by Fugro Geotechniek. If requested, this allows us to determine which measurements are required for the foundation, to ensure a safe fitting. Naturally we include our bridge in a drawing or we supply the proper files, so you can fit our bridge into your project in 3D.

Flexibility during the work in progress

One of EventBridge’s major advantages is that the bridge can be installed and can be moved in its entirety, after that. It is even possible to install  the bridge across a road within 20 minutes. To be able to do this, there must be enough space by the road to assemble the bridge, though. After placement, the bridge can be adjusted in height over up to 40 centimetres. This allows placement on uneven surfaces. The difference in height – between the fixed steps and the soil – is remedied using unique, self-supporting steps. The location can be changed to the last minute and is flexible, as the bridge can be installed on dragline mats, even in case of a long-term installation. Without anchorage the bridge – without signage – can handle wind forces of up to 12 Bft.