Almost 135 m2 advertising space

Our mobile bridge offers added commercial value. When put to use at the biggest events, where their size makes them stand out clearly, our bridges offer an absolute top location for sponsoring. When the temporary bridge is spanned across a track, for instance, it can be featured perfectly. Check out the example from the Tour de France next to this text. EventBridge allows you to offer a really special opportunity, for instance to your (main) sponsor. The full-colour possibilities of the canvas used, meet the highest requirements.

Make your sponsor proud!

Using ‘blind’ attachment, the pedestrian bridge becomes very tight as it is almost entirely covered in canvas. This directs all attention to your sponsor, meaning that the bridge represents a commercial value, both to you and to your sponsor. An added advantage is, that people on the bridge do not see much, ensuring that delays due to people using the bridge are prevented as much as possible. Compared to ‘open’ bridges, this is another great advantage within the framework of crowd control.

Completely customisable according to your specifications

The side panels offer 66 m2 each of printable surface. This presents you and your sponsor with an infinite amount of options, as you are given every opportunity to send out a message. We standardised the canvas production method, so we can supply a constant high quality canvas. To this end, we developed a template that provides you and/or your sponsor with the complete freedom to impress your attending visitors.