Our mobile pedestrian bridge can be implemented at any location where a split-level crossing needs to be created. This might be for festivals, sports events, infrastructural projects and semi-permanent solutions. Our mobile bridges can be set up in various configurations. With an installation time of only 20 minutes, even bridging busy inner city or provincial roads can be done, with a minimal disruption of traffic.

The advantages EventBridge has to offer



  • 70% improvement in efficiency
  • Installation in a minimum of 20 minutes
  • Can be erected in three hours
  • Transported using a single truck
  • Easy to monitor due to modular approach
  • Certified by TÜV-NORD (Germany)
  • Non-anchored fitting, capable of handling winds up to force 11 Bft.
  • With a design lifespan of 50 years
  • Manufactured conform NEN-EN 1090

NEW: EventBridge Base

By applying a Layher adapter in the main support structure of the bridge, Eventbridge’s firmly executed span is combined with the flexibility of a scaffolding construction. Since the span is the most labour-intensive part of a scaffolding bridge, we hence realize a considerable cost and risk reduction.

The modular bridge system that is certified by TÜV

Since we want to minimise any risks, we have TÜV-NORD (Germany) check everything we create, from reports to production and from transport to installed bridge. This results in a worldwide first:  a unique construction book for our mobile bridges. This eliminates the need for the TÜV to check our every calculation, drawing and installation. This optimal preparation results in a bridge, that is approved even before it leaves our storage facility. Our goal? We want you to spend as little time as possible thinking about our bridge.


Easily bridge busy inner city roads or provincial roads.

We assemble the bridge in its entirety at ground level. After setting up the crane, under favourable conditions, that will take roughly three hours. If there is room to assemble the bridge right next to its final location, when there is a side road or a broad shoulder, for instance, it takes only 20 minutes to move it to the correct position. This requires the road to be closed for a limited time only, which is a strong argument when obtaining a permit or a license.