Strength through cooperation

In order to supply the best complete product, we cooperate with the best partners, from design right down to production.

“We connect”

Movares is an advisory and engineering agency, which generates solutions for issues with capacity, safety, environment and integration in mobility, infrastructure and transportation systems.

For its customers, Movares is active in all areas along the chain. This ranges from initial studies and early planning phases, from the design and realisation of projects up to and including management and maintenance. Bringing Movares’ knowledge, expertise and innovative capabilities are summarised concisely in its slogan: ‘Designing  for Accessibility‘.

“Strength through cooperation”

‘Strength through cooperation’ is what the VDL Groep is based on. VDL Groep is an international industrial family business. Consisting of 104 companies, spread across 20 countries, VDL Groep employs about 17,000 people.

VDL operates in the field of development, production and sale of supplies, buses and end products, as well as the assembly of passenger cars.