Modular is easy

The modularity of our concept offers you many options: an EventBridge bridge can be installed in various configurations. The basis of our pedestrian bridge is the body, which can be supplied out of stock right away in lengths of 11.3 or 14 meters. Combining segments, and using the steps at an angle or parallel, allows for the realisation of various spans across obstacles. You will find a number of options below.

Unique design

The span of our temporary pedestrian bridges exceeds the length of the body. In the bridge’s parallel configuration, the foundation is 4.5 meters away from the body. The support is at an angle towards the body. This extends the total span of an Eventbridge bridge in a parallel configuration to about 20 meters. The clearance underneath the supports is enough to allow for an extra flow of pedestrians underneath the bridge (for example next to the road or the track that is crossed), or for a bicycle pathway. The better the separation of the flow of various kinds of traffic is taken care of, the better the flow of all traffic will be.

High enough

Our pedestrian bridges have a minimum clearance of 4.60 meters. This allows the bridges to be installed practically everywhere, and trucks can pass underneath the bridge without any issues. Besides that, according to Dutch regulations, the height of 4.60 meters does not require an indication of height.