Renting, buying or buy-back?

EventBridge offers several financial options. Whether you are looking for a temporary bridge for a short-term projector for a bridge that is to be installed for an extended period of time, we offer a financially interesting solution for any situation.

Renting a mobile bridge

For short and medium length term, a rental setup is the most common. This way, you only pay for the term during which you require the bridge. You will also not be paying purchasing and maintenance costs.

Buying a pedestrian bridge

Do you wish to use a bridge (semi-)permanently, or are you looking for a pedestrian bridge outside our standard dimensions? We offer the option for you to buy one of EventBridge’s bridges. And, should you want to move the bridge at any time, we will gladly take care of that for you. Our service does not stop, after buying our bridge. You might want to let us take care of maintaining the bridge for you, as well. It is in our capable hands, if you do.

Arrangements for purchase or buy back

For longer, but still temporary, terms (i.e. several years), EventBridge also offers a  purchase or buy back plan. You buy our pedestrian bridge and send it back to us whenever you no longer need the bridge at that particular location or for that construction project. This way, you can be sure that we will take back the bridge from you, once you are done using it. With this option, permanent installation is not initially considered. Should a permanent placement turn out to be necessary later on, the setup can be converted to a purchase of the pedestrian bridge.

Financial Lease

EventBridge is able to set up a financial lease for the (semi-)permanent use of our pedestrian bridge. The advantage is that you own the bridge right away. The bridge is part of your assets and is included on your balance sheet. The option to spread payment over several instalments is an added advantage. There is no need for you to invest a big amount all at once.