A temporary pedestrian bridge, simple and manageable

During every event, crowd control is an important issue. Also, you do not want to run into any surprises during construction. Our mobile bridges offer an innovative, affordable and, most of all, achievable solution. Through its modular, serial setup, EventBridge has an extensive range of options, which are applicable to any possible configuration of our bridges. This significantly simplified our security checks: we offer a maximum of security at lower cost!

The modular bridge system that is certified by TÜV

Since we want to minimise any risks, we have TÜV-NORD (Germany) check everything we create, from reports to production and from transport to installed bridge. This results in a worldwide first:  a unique construction book for our mobile bridges. This eliminates the need for the TÜV to check our every calculation, drawing and installation. This optimal preparation results in a bridge, that is approved even before it leaves our storage facility. Our goal? We want you to spend as little time as possible thinking about our bridge.

NEW: EventBridge Base

By applying a Layher adapter in the main support structure of the bridge, Eventbridge’s firmly executed span is combined with the flexibility of a scaffolding construction. Since the span is the most labour-intensive part of a scaffolding bridge, we hence realize a considerable cost and risk reduction.

Installed in 20 minutes: a minimal hindrance of traffic

Closing down busy inner city roads, or provincial roads, is undesirable, be it related to permits and licenses or regarding traffic congestion. If a bridge can be assembled by the roadside, EventBridge can install the bridge across the road within 20 minutes. This offers unprecedented opportunities, such as maintaining accessibility to that busy shopping street, or allowing for an extra campsite, parking lot or event zone at the other side of that busy road.

Discover EventBridge’s characteristics

During the design process, we focused on safety and efficiency. Click on the highlights in the picture below to discover which advantages this offers.

Storm-resistant (up to 11 Bft)

There is no need to worry about our bridge, even during your event. The mobile bridge can withstand storms up to wind force 11. When fully rigged with canvas, our bridge still weathers storms of up to wind force 9 Bft. Unexpected weather conditions are no problem for our bridge. Visitors will also feel safe on our bridge. The robust design renders the steps practically immovable, giving the bridge a very stable feel.


Visually appealing commercial object

Our mobile bridges are among the most noticeable objects on many locations and during many events. This makes our bridge interesting commercially, as well. Cover our bridge in canvas – which can be printed on in full colour – and provide your event, yourself or a sponsor with extra exposure. Discover how easy it is to arrange this through the button below.



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