A TÜV-certified modular mobile bridge configuration

EventBridge’s concept is jointly developed by Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau (advisory engineering agency) Movares. They are the reason why we allow tens of thousands of people to use our pedestrian bridges without losing sleep over it. Besides that, VDL manufactures the mobile bridge based on the highest demands: NEN-EN 1090. TÜV-NORD (Germany) checks the bridge’s development and production.

Making it feel like it is a permanent bridge

Our steps are constructed as a single entity. This renders them unmovable. Besides that, the steps are mounted into the stair segments without any slack. The people using the bridge experience using it as if they are using a permanent stairway or bridge, resulting in an increased sense of safety.

Reduced chance of incidents involving falls

The steps of our bridges are equipped with railing that is only one meter apart, at most. Should one of your visitors happen to lose balance on the stairs, he or she will quickly be able to hold on to either side. This reduces the chance of incidents involving falls.

Safety of people and/or traffic underneath our bridge

The side panels are 2.5 metres high and are equipped with gauze that has a 4 x 4 cm mesh. This makes it harder to throw objects down from the top of the bridge. It is possible to optionally cover the top with a fine-meshed fire-retardant netting. This prevents anyone from throwing anything over the side panel.