The best of both worlds

With the new EventBridge BASE product, we combine the flexibility and attractive costs of a scaffolding bridge with the short installation time, extra safety and robustness of an EventBridge.

By making use of an adapter for Layher/scaffolding, you can add steps and other scaffolding elements to an EventBridge. As a result, the possibilities are endless and you can use an EventBridge BASE practically everywhere.

Minimal disruption

We are able to assemble a single EventBridge BASE span in one hour and to install it in 10 minutes over a road. After which steps, ramps and any additional components can be installed. This takes place off the roadway and thus traffic disruption is minimised.

Cage construction

As the span of an EventBridge is created by tubular elements of 150 mm with a 1 cm wall thickness, the EventBridge BASE functions as a cage construction around the scaffolding elements.

Stable & less movement

The EventBridge BASE construction is very robust and is thus less vulnerable to external influences. This increases the stability during use. The construction is more stable and thus offers the end-user an improved experience.

Would you also like to work with EventBridge BASE?

We can, of course, provide the design and construction. However, you can also apply your own design and material to the EventBridge BASE thus enabling you to work very cost efficiently. We will create a safe and sound connection between both systems in consultation with you.