Easily bridge busy inner city roads or provincial roads.

We assemble the bridge in its entirety at ground level. After setting up the crane, under favourable conditions, that will take roughly three hours. If there is room to assemble the bridge right next to its final location, when there is a side road or a broad shoulder, for instance, it takes only 20 minutes to move it to the correct position. This requires the road to be closed for a limited time only, which is a strong argument when obtaining a permit or a license.

All parts on a single truck

Loading our truck with our bridges is done following the steps that are required for assembly of  our bridges at their location. All bridge components therefore have to be picked up just once. This makes for an even more efficient assembly. Moreover, all bridge components are on a single trailer, so one bridge only requires one truck to move it somewhere. This decreases both transportation costs and CO2 output.

One truck, two people, three hours of work

Our efficient method of loading and assembly enables our bridge to be installed by only two crew members. After setting up the crane, assembly only takes roughly three hours.

Assembly at ground level increases safety. After assembly at ground level, the crane transforms the parts into a bridge using only one hoisting movement. The parts sort of click into their upright position.