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Sport events

Sport events are getting busier, making crowd management increasingly important. A good flow of traffic is very important for safety and the experience of the visitors. Hotels, restaurants and shops also have an interest in a good flow in order to reap the rewards of enthusiastic visitors.

The quality checks that are done on EventBridge are quick because a certified modular system is used. This makes things easy in the complicated world of sport events.


The number of visitors of festivals and events have increased significantly in recent years. Traffic jams, scarcity in space and security risks have therefore increased.

Placing a bridge can serve as a solution here. By connecting the parking lot with the area of the festival with a bridge, for example, cars can be separated from the pedestrian flow. In addition, the whole area can be enlarged with an additional (camping) space by placing a bridge across a canal or road.

The more you can prevent intersecting streams, the safer and more efficient your event can be set up. The possibilities are extensive and we are happy to help seek solutions for you!


Major brands are increasingly looking for distinctive sponsorship opportunities. EventBridge provides sponsors with an eye-catcher which no visitor can avoid. In addition, the positive vibe of the event ensures an increased brand perception.

This striking way of sponsorship offers event organisers a welcome additional source of income.

Infrastructural and semi-permanent solutions

Road diversions and other infrastructural projects can be the initiators of delays and subsequent annoyance. Here too, EventBridge will serve with tailor-made solutions.

In the case of projects in the city, the placement of a nice, well-designed bridge is appreciated by local residents and the local hospitality industry.

For longer projects, we offer a special sale-repurchase arrangement, in which case the total costs are lowered.